I painted the Phoenix symbol intuitively, early 2005. It had to represent freedom (always recreating itself), the Universe (we are Energy, and we are ONE), and myself (the Phoenix is my Egyptian zodiac symbol).

For me the Phoenix represents eternity. Always evolving life, no matter what form it’s in. When one cycle ends, another one begins.

It was important for me that the Phoenix looks up, always rising, to a higher reality, higher evolution, the natural course of Life.

It also had to contain the numbers 11, 22, and 33, the Master Numbers according to the science of Numerology. Therefore there are eleven feathers in each wing, and in the tail.
The eleven feathers in the tail represent Revelation and Inspiration. 
It has intuition and spiritual insight. It is energetic, has a goal, is inventive and idealistic. Also a dreamer and mystic, and clearvoyant. It is electric and capable to develop dynamic strength. It has intuitive understanding, insight, leaders capacity, and the ability to take decisions quickly. It loves beauty, music, poetry and all other forms of art. 
The Eleven can be a source of inspiration. It has great strength and power.
The task for the Eleven is to serve Humanity completely selflessly.

The twenty two feathers in the wings, (eleven feathers in each wing), represent the Building Master.
This vibration develops great plans which will lead to incredible results. Inspired by visions which can be made into reality. There is strength and power on every level, insight in the Human Nature, has a goal and raised morals.
It has organization talent, extremely developed intuition, tact and knowledge. Loves people, travel, is capable, and values cooperation. Has the ability to become a Master Analyst.
The task of a Twenty Two is to serve the World selflessly.

The thirty three feathers of the Phoenix (the tail and wing feathers combined), represent Spiritual Consciousness, Strength and Power.
It is the most powerful of all numbers and means Conscious Spiritual Service. It is Love in the God sense of the word, it knows no limits. 
Absolute tolerance, patience and understanding, the realisation of the Universal Laws of Harmony, service to people at the highest level. This number can reach the highest grade of spiritual consciousness and can become part of the greatest inspiration. It has incredible psychic power. 
The Thirty Three possesses a Master Soul, and therefore enormous power, strength, and ability, which carries extreme responsibility.

There are seven flames underneath the Phoenix. The number of flames I chose intuitively. It wasn’t until about a year ago that I heard about “the Seven Sacred Flames” written about by Aurelia Louise Jones, which are related to our past, present, and future.
The number Seven also represents the Analyst, and Inner Wisdom.

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