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Time to shine! March 2019











Time to shine!
digital media, 2019
© Ingrid van Amsterdam


Opportunities are waiting for you so unload yourself from outdated thoughts or limitations and transform these into new and refreshing perspectives and doors will open for you 🦋

As for me, I feel like a different person. After some surreal challenges over the last two months I feel I have changed for the better and have come out the other side so much stronger. The whole transformation process experiencing the death of my mother up close and intimately this time was INTENSE to say the least. A whole new realisation of witnessing the ‘going into the light’ has taken on a whole new dimension and given me so much more insight in life, death, and birth. Death has meant BIRTH, for both of us, each in our different ways ☀️

Well I can say now I think I am ready for action and will be able to take private appointments again from the 6th of May and look forward to healing, and hearing from you 💗

To be included in this Friday’s Free Distant Group Healing please like, share, and/or post your name in the comments below ☯️

RainbowI don’t know about you but I feel super charged after the recent lunar eclipse. Change is in the air, the effects rubbing off already! Feeling super positive and excited about what the future has to offer. It seems like ever since I started to follow my heart everything is falling into place all by itself. As if perpetually synchronised each part of my life is coming together. Meeting amazing people, opportunities, love, travel, success.

Abundance in every way in the positive sense of the word, and prosperity, life is smiling at me. I am so grateful to be living at this moment in time. I feel energised, powerful and even when it rains the sun still shines! I felt glowing and in absolute bliss when driving through the country the other day when rainbows appeared again and again and again. I took many photographs, and the above is one of them, taken midway between Waitara and Inglewood. I felt so lucky to be part of this world. The rolling hills reminded me why I love living in this part of the world so much. The future is looking bright, the world at my feet.

This Friday it’s going to be the next free group healing of the month, on the 3rd of August. Take your time to reflect on your life, where you come from and where you are going. You are the director in which you decide which road to take. Be brave and be true to yourself. Allow yourself to trust the process. Go for a walk in the country or on the beach and feel the sand between your toes, the water washing over your feet. And as I always say: Enjoy the sunshine! Get in tune with your environment and breathe in the fresh air! Let inspiration and clarity enter your life.

To be included in the free group healing this Friday just like this post or comment with your name below.

Wishing you love and light, peace and harmony, all ways, always,

Ingrid 🌬💖

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