In the beginning there was light, 
No difference of day or night
Creations of the Universe
 started their unknown plight 
caused by desire, hard to fight.
She just could not resist the bite, 
resulting in a desperate flight, 
couldn’t have the truth in sight.
What is wrong 
and what is right?
Ages, centuries of fright 
have passed
 but finally we can excite!
It is now clear the end is near,
 but why, for heaven’s sake, we fear?
Have we forgotten who we are? 
Are we so removed from source?
To turn around 
it seems so far.
Look deep inside.
Heal your self with all your might.
 You will see that you will rise 
to your very highest height.
Love, Peace and Harmony
 will reign again.
You will be Free.

© Ingrid van Amsterdam, 2009

I wrote the poem MOVE TOWARD FREEDOM for the occasion of Winter Shine, a well being and health event held by a collection of well being and health professionals from the local area of Oakura, in Taranaki, New Zealand, in August 2009.
The poem was to promote self healing, as I think this is the future. 
I think it is time for us people to take up the challenge of taking control of, and responsibility for our own lives and destiny, as well as the improvement of our quality of life, and transformation into a higher consciousness.
 It is time to find that love, happiness, peace, and real freedom lie within our selves.
The content of the poem is about Creations of the Universe, Heavenly Creatures, and History of Man, and therefore refers to the book Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible.
The Snake is seducing Eve to eat from the forbidden fruit, so that she may become as wise as God, her Creator.
When she has eaten from the fruit, indeed she has gained a wisdom she hadn’t been aware of before. She can now see that the truth lies within her. The “Evil” Snake has now transformed into the Healing Snake, and the tree into the staff around which the Snake is wound (as we see it pictured in our medical profession). The venom has now gained healing properties, and has become medicinal.
Some ancient symbols of the healing snake, ~ the caduceus

I find the symbol of the Snake absolutely fascinating. According to Chinese astrology, I was born in the year of the Snake, and in the hours of the Snake, and so is very much part of me.
A snake, like the Phoenix, is also a symbol of fertility, renewal and eternity, as it sheds its skin in rebirth.
From a Universal perspective, Creation and Evolution are ONE, and it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to make the world a World of Peace, created by our choices.

Let us evolve into a Higher Consciousness!

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