From a healer’s perspective

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the publication of my new book The Death and Birth of My Mother and I. It has been written from a very personal perspective based on diary notes by my mother and mine as well as my experience of the event so be prepared for the nitty gritty stuff. It covers the twelve months before her passing but mostly the last two weeks of her earthly life.  

I have been extremely privileged and am very grateful to have been able to be by my mother’s side in the process of her transition towards the moment of her passing – a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. 

With many years of experience as a healer I have had times where I questioned my healing abilities, while being my mother’s full time carer. Sometimes I wondered if I let her down. But I know also that in addition to any healing given, simply my presence alone made her feel better and allowed her to let go in peace even if the journey wasn’t an easy one. 

The Death and Birth of My Mother and I cover

You can find my book on Amazon available in Kindle and Paperback and may be good to read for people who are going through a similar experience. Just click on to view my book and feel free to write a review any time! 🙂

Love and Light, 

Ingrid van Amsterdam

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